Silent Auction Preview 2016


In 1899 Charles Hawthorne, founded Provincetown’s art colony and Cape Cod School of Art, teaching the perception and use of color and light.


Today the accomplished students of  Hawthorne’s assistant Henry Hensche  continue to teach the perception and use of color and light as they were taught. We rely on our current and future students to have the passion to study as we have and become the next generation of Cape School painters.

Silent Auction

October 8th, 2016     6pm – 9pm

Event location courtesy of

 Philip Scott Real Estate

192 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA

Preview and bidding starts

Friday Oct.7, 6pm – 9pm


Saturday Oct.8, Noon – 3pm


Event starts Saturday Evening at 6pm and

 Bidding ends at 9pm

Over 30 Paintings, friends, food and drinks

Unable to attend? Please bid by phone!

For Telephone Bids Call:




Henry Hensche Figure Drawing
Henry Hensche Figure Drawing 18 x 22″                                                                          Reserve $750,  Value: $5,000  Courtesy of Egeli Gallery
Village Church by Charles Hawthorne 16x26
Village Church by Charles Hawthorne, 16 x 26″ ,  Value $35,000,  Reserve $20,000.                      Courtesy of Egeli Gallery
Rob Longley Pilgrim Lake Dune
Herring Cove Dunes by Rob Longley, 11 x 14 ” ,                                                       Value $2,500, Reserve $250    Courtesy of Cortile Gallery
The Monument - Margaret McWethy 6x8
The Monument by Margaret McWethy, 8 x 6″                                                 Value: $600, Starting Bid $50
Path to the Bay by John Clayton, 16 x 20″                                                                                              Value $2200, Starting Bid $350
Red Boat by Mary Giammarino ,  20 x 16″    Courtesy of Julie Heller Gallery                                                                        Value $1800 , Starting Bid $350
Beach Bungalows by Hilda Neily, 16 x 20″                                                                                              Value $3,800, Starting Bid $350
Class Demo Portrait of Young Man on the Beach                                            by Joanette Egeli , 16 x 12″                                                                         Value $1800, Starting bid $400
Low Tide Provincetown Bay by Joanette Egeli, 8 x 10″                                                                          Value $1500, Starting Bid $150
Pamet, Cloudy Day, by Joan Jardine, 12 x 16″                                                                         Value $2,000  Starting bid $200
Mudhead by Andree Tullier, 10 x 8″                                                           Value $500   Starting Bid $125
Syd Hale_16 x 20
Rooftops By Sydney Hale, 16×20                                                                                              Value $1800, Starting Bid $100

Corn Hill by Marguerite Smit, 11 x 14″                                                                                                 Value $600,   Opening Bid $50.00
Provincetown Boats by Robert Harding,  10 x 10″                                                               Value $2500   Starting Bid $350
Whimsical Cottages by Lauren Byrne, 10 x 12″                                                               Value $500  Starting Bid $50
Cloud Break by Catherine Shearer-Neily, 6 x 12″                                                                           Value $500   Starting bid $50
#37 by Donna Lomangino, 8 x 8″ , Value $450 Starting Bid $50
Provincetown Bay by Byrne Marston, 11 x 14″                                                                            Value $1800   Opening bid $100
Pamet View by Judith Fulmer, 5 1/2 x 11 1/2″ Watercolor                                                       Value $375  Starting bid $50
Distant Land by Judith Fulmer, 5 1/2 x 11 1/2, Watercolor                                                                              Value $375,    Starting bid $50
KD Mernin
Coast Guard Beach Cut by KD Mernin, 20 x 30″                                                                              Value $1,600, Opening bid $100
csmeraldi12x16 oil on board,
Boat Yard Sunset by Chris Smeraldi, 12 x 16″                                                                                   Value $600,   Starting bid $5o
Info coming
Dune by Christine Niles, 12 x 18                                                                                Value $500,   Starting bid $50
C.Smeraldi 12x16 oil on board,
Yellow Door by Chris Smeraldi, 16 x 12″                                     Value $550,  Starting bid $50
Fall Reflections by Linda Keene, 9 x 12″                                                                                          Value $250,   Opening Bid  $50
Red Barn, Early Morning by Scott Chapman, 12 x 16″                                                            Value $550 Starting Bid $50
The Pink Path by Scott Chapman, 7 x 12″                   Value $400 Starting bid $50
The Monument by Susan Barocas, 12 x 16″                                           Value $350 Starting Bid $50
Cape Cod Horizon by Francesco DiSantos, 16 x 20″                                                           Value $400, Starting bid $50
Pink Grapefruit and Lime by Aaron Souza, 11 x 15″                                                              Value $500,  Opening Bid $50

Ripe Cranberry Bog by Nancy Graham, 16 x 20″                                                                                      Value $1800, Starting bid $100
Provincetown Night Reflections by Joanna Bigelow, 8 x 10″                                                              Value $350, Starting bid $50
Skiff Facing Provincetown by Sarah Griffith,  8 x 10″                                                                     Value $350,  Starting bid $50

Provincetown Sunset by Sarah Wardell, 5 x 7″,   Value $450   Starting bid $50

Lisa Juliano-Coudriet

Lisa Juliano-Coudriet


School of Artists on the Beach – Provincetown7 x 11.5″ Rect. Tray

Plus 3 Mini Trays Provincetown Scenes and Tote Bag

Courtesy of John Derian

Value over $300.00  Starting Bid $50

More Painting Donations on the way for Preview.

Mission Statement

The Cape School of Art has a unique
purpose- To educate the Artist in the perception and use of color and light in representational painting. Through workshops, classes and lectures we work to inform a new generation of artists, patrons, Provincetown residents and visitors about the teaching and enduring influence of American Impressionist Henry Hensche and his mentor Charles W. Hawthorne, founder of Provincetown’s historic art colony and the original Cape Cod School of Art.

The Cape School of Art is a 501 (C)(3) nonprofit organization.

Your donation is fully tax deductible.

Donations of any amount can be made at the auction.

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